PBS02S Pizza set

Pizza set PBS02S

Product code: 575027 Pizza set Gorenje


Icon - Optimal heat absorption and distribution

Optimal heat absorption and distribution

The taste of wood-fired oven
Massive 20 mm thick stone absorbs and evenly distributes heat for perfect crust & crumb everytime.
Icon - Bake like in a traditional wood-fired oven

Bake like in a traditional wood-fired oven

Gorenje HomeMade
Gorenje HomeMade line includes products that allow you to bake as you would in a traditional wood-fired oven. Specially designed Gorenje ovens with vaulted oven cavity ceiling and concave rounded sides allow the hot air to freely circulate. The baking stone evenly distributes the heat and enables baking results on a par with those from a wood-fi red oven. It also absorbs excess moisture for the perfect crust and crumb.
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Icon - For pizza and more

For pizza and more

Savoury or sweet crunchy dishes
The stone can be used for cooking a variety of dishes, sweet or savoury. Enjoy the simplicity of its use and bake a crunchy bruschetta, pizza to your taste, fresh bread, or a delicious fruit strudel. Let your imagination run wild, and give your taste buds a special treat.
Icon - In the oven or on a grill

In the oven or on a grill

A versatile accessory
All-around use of the baking stone will add the extra zing as you cook your favourite crunchy food baked to perfection. It is a convenient helper in your kitchen as it will fit any oven. You can also use it when grilling. The supplied peel allows you to easily and safely slide the food onto the hot stone and to remove the food from it.
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Technical details

Dimensions (W×H×D): 38 × 35.5 × 2 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 43.5 × 10.4 × 39 cm

Net weight: 5.5 kg

Gross weight: 6.5 kg

Product code: 575027

EAN code: 3838782010521


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