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Upgrade the functionality of your kitchen! Install a warming or storage drawer underneath any compact oven or coffee machine and use it for warming up tableware, defrosting the food, reheating a meal, keeping it warm or even making a healthy, tasty home-made yoghurt.


Keeps your cooking in perfect shape
The StayWarm function keeps food at constant temperature of 60˚C for 2 hours (preset values can be changed according to your needs). The food retains its original flavour and temperature until it is served.


Serve professional dishes in the comfort of your home
Warmed plates prevent the loss of flavour and ensure that food tastes every bit as good as it should: from soups to pastas and steamed vegetables. WarmPlate will keep your tableware at precisely the right temperature – anywhere between 40 ˚C and 80°C. Enjoy professional service in the privacy of your home.
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When you want a healthy choice
A special function enables healthy yoghurt to be prepared at home. Automatic temperature and time settings (40˚C for 4 hours) provide optimal conditions that create delicious homemade yoghurt.
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Healthy defrosting with one touch
Defrosting in the warming drawer is uniform and gentle. AutoDefrost function makes sure the food preserves its nutrients, appealing appearance and structure during thawing.
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Simple opening by touch of your fingertips
Modern technology allows elegant and simple opening of the drawer just by a gentle touch on the front with no buttons needed. The whole surface remains perfectly smooth with pure and modern look.
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TouchFree coating

Shiny and fingerprint-free finish
All stainless steel surfaces are coated with a special TouchFree film that prevents fingerprints markings, leaving the surface always shiny and making cleaning much easier.
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Everything is under your control
A special innovative interface enables fast, elegant, one-touch selection of a specific function or setting.
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Storage drawer

Everything neatly within reach
Storage drawer fits perfectly underneath compact ovens or a coffee machine. It offers ample space for convenient storage of baking trays, dishes and other cooking accessories.

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