7 simple tips to freezing your food


Nowadays, when our lives are scattered between work, taking care of our children, keeping our home clean, hobbies etc., the only thing we really need is more time. We find that freezing food not only gets things done ahead of time but also helps save money. What is more, freezing is a very convenient way to help prevent fruits and vegetables from getting too ripe and ensures that we eat them when they are still juicy and filled with fresh nutrients.

1. Control the portions

Make sure you freeze foods in realistic portions. That way, you avoid having to defrost the whole chicken when you are only cooking for yourself.

2. Make a ‘What’s in my Freezer’ list

Make sure you know what is in your freezer, otherwise you’ll waste a lot of your money and time. It’s easy to forget you already have three frozen bananas in it and buy new ones.

3. Cool foods

Freezing warm or even hot meals will only contribute to changing the temperature of your freezer and cause other foods to start defrosting.

4. Make a meal plan

Some say meal planning is a lifesaver! You can take Sunday off, cook meals for the whole week ahead, and freeze the prepared dishes. Imagine that all you have to do when you get home is to take the dish out of the freezer and heat it up in the oven/microwave. Yes, it really is that simple.

5. Not everything can be frozen

To become a pro at freezing, you have to know what not to freeze as well.  The Do-Not-Freeze list begins here: hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, cucumber, plain yogurt, cheese, herbs, apples, watermelon, fried foods, pasta, etc.

6. Keep your freezer stocked

Did you know an almost empty freezer is more expensive to operate than one that is nearly full? Cold air doesn't need to circulate as much as in the almost empty freezer, and frozen foods help keep other food items frozen as well. This is why a stocked freezer could help you save energy and money.

7. Freezing doesn’t kill bacteria

Not sure how long has something been frozen? Does it look odd once you defrost it? Throw it out. Also, don’t freeze food that is not fresh in the first place – freezing won’t improve the quality or freshness of your food.

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