Did you know that your fridge will not accept any food with open arms?


When it comes to a healthy, vitamin-rich meal, one of the most effective domestic appliances is your fridge. You may call it your best friend who you think of every time you prepare a meal. Well, it could also slowly and delicately sneak into your mind in the evenings, while you are watching your favorite show. Today, we can hardly imagine a kitchen without a fridge. And, that is, the fuller the better. But did you know that we shouldn’t put all foods we bring from the store or the garden in a fridge? Some foods simply don’t belong in a fridge.

Ten foods with prohibited entry!

Bananas rot faster in the fridge. Too low a temperature in the fridge cause bananas to rot instead of ripen. The same applies to all tropical fruits, which will ripen slowly and more effectively on your kitchen counter, which means your meals will be delicious and rich in vitamins.

Potatoes contain starch, which is converted into sugar due to the low temperature in the fridge. As early as the next day, potatoes will become green and inedible. Instead, store potatoes in a cardboard box on the balcony or in the basement. This way, they will stay fresh and edible for a longer time, and you will be happy and pleased any time you want to use them as the main ingredient of your next meal.

Unpeeled onions becomes mouldy and soft in the fridge. If you want to extend the shelf life of an onion, store it in the fresh air (best in a dark and cold space). If you have already peeled the onion, you can place it in the fridge for a day or two.

Garlic also doesn’t belong in the fridge, as it will become rubbery and, over time, mouldy. Store the garlic on the balcony or in the basement and make sure the temperature is not too high. As with onions, the same applies to garlic – a cold and dark place will extend the shelf life of your garlic.

Keep ground coffee in an airtight container, but never store it in the fridge. Coffee beans require a cold, dry and dark storage place.

Another piece of practical advice we are happy to share with you: coffee residues (sediments in Turkish coffee) can help you eliminate unpleasant smells in your fridge. In case there is an unpleasant smell in your fridge, simply place the next finished cup of coffee in the fridge. In this way, your fridge will become a "fragrant technological device".

Tomatoes don’t ripen in the fridge and lose all their taste. The ripening process is what gives the tomato its taste and nice smell. This is why we recommend that you store tomatoes in a bowl on the kitchen counter or table. It can be also used as a decoration.

If honey is placed in the fridge, the crystallization process of sugar is accelerated. Crystallized honey doesn’t lose its qualities, it only becomes somewhat harder and changes its appearance.

Even a watermelon doesn’t belong in the fridge, as it loses some of its beta-carotene. Beta-carotene, what is that again? Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A in our body only when the body needs it, while the rest of it acts as an antioxidant. If you cut your watermelon, you may store it in the fridge, but make sure it is covered.

Olive oil turns into a density resembling butter in the fridge. Some suspicious users use this fact to check whether the oil they have bought is really olive oil. When the oil is heated, it will change back to liquid again. Store it in a dark and cold place.

Preserved food also doesn’t belong in the fridge. Especially if you have already opened the can. Attention! Such food may cause food poisoning and serious health problems.

Your fridge is not just a food storage cabinet, it is a high-tech appliance that helps maintaining vitamins in your food, makes your meals more delicious and helps you become a good cook.

No frost. No problems.

No frost: Forget the “frostrating” ice buildup on the interior walls of your fridge-freezer. No more frequent cleaning and defrosting. Also, since the frost is gone, the power consumption stays low.

More space: Say goodbye to accumulated ice that blocks the view of your frozen goodies and takes over precious space. From now on, you can enjoy the “frostration-free” view of your freezer interior.

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